ROA® Insights Launches

ROA® Insights officially launched and participating institutions are now able to reap the benefits of student-level data analysis as it pertains to institutional enrollment, retention, and net return.

ROA Insights is the first membership tool offered through the NAIA’s ROA initiative. This free, online platform shows how specific efforts and adjustments to an athletics program can affect the overall health of an institution at an operational level.

Features include:

  • Year-over-year comparisons to assess athletics’ effectiveness in driving institutional goals
  • Peer institution comparisons to identify potential options for growth and effectiveness
  • Net return calculator that provides estimated return based on a number of adjustable factors

The 40 NAIA member institutions that submitted multi-year data in 2018-19 now have access to Insights’ analytics capabilities.

“You hit the mark perfectly. Your goal was to create a visual and easy-to-comprehend interface for the athletically knowledgeable, but perhaps technologically challenged. Mission accomplished,” said Dr. Roger Drake, president of Central Methodist University.

If your institution is interested in utilizing ROA Insights, please contact Alan Grosbach at or 816.595.8120.

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