ROA In Focus – NAIA’s 78th Annual Business Meeting Recap

The NAIA’s 78th annual business meeting was headlined by a robust slate of proposed legislative amendments. In total, 16 legislative proposals were brought to the floor, and all 16 amendments were approved. Highlights include incoming freshman students eligibility – recognizing not all students have access to class rank. The NAIA now has allowed other ways to provide access for students to become eligible- giving all students equal access. We also passed a ruling to allow students to gain eligibility halfway through their freshman year.

One of the most significant changes was providing financial aid and assistance provisions – ensuring our student-athletes can take advantage of financial aid benefits that non-athletes already have access to.

Lastly, we passed a resolution to ensure our student-athletes to allow them to have a day off from their athletics. Giving our student-athletes physical, mental and emotional well-being.

For a complete list of approved legislation