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ROA Insights
The NAIA publically launched at the 2019 National NAIA Convention, ROA Insights. This is the first basic tool for members to put ROA data to work coming out of the ROA initiative. The tool provides members access to institutional level data analytics, focusing on student-athlete enrollment, retention and the institution’s net return.

This online platform shows how specific efforts and adjustments to an athletics program can affect
the overall health of the institution at an operational level.

Initial features include:
1. Year-over-year comparisons to assess athletics’ effectiveness in driving institutional goals.
2. Peer institution comparisons to identify potential options for growth and effectiveness.
3. Net return calculator that provides estimated return based on a number of adjustable factors.
ROA Insights evolved out of the data pilot that was presented at least year’s convention. Building on
the original eight institutions involved in the pilot, this year 56 institutions (representing 17 NAIA
conferences) have joined. Aggregated data from 39 schools (covering the 2016-17 and 2017-18
academic years) will be available for April convention.

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