ROA – Bringing Value to NAIA Student-Athletes

Brogan Bunner,
Swim and Dive Team
NAIA Student-Athlete and ASA/CSA Member

Being an NAIA Student-Athlete and a member of the NAIA ASA/CSA – (Association of Student-Athletes and Council of Student-Athletes) has given me a very unique experience. I’ve found that competition within the NAIA is very sportsmanship-oriented. There’s still that intense pressure that attracts a competitive attitude, but there’s also a distinct love for the sport shown in every athlete. Competition in the NAIA has been much more fun than it has been stressful – that’s what’s kept me coming back year after year.

SCAD is a very unique school. Its focus is largely on professional, best-practices training, which is precisely what I wanted from an institution of higher learning. Once I learned I could engage in that, as well as continue the sport I’ve dedicated the majority of my life, the decision was a no-brainer.

A lot of student councils are often popularity contests and rarely accomplish anything. This is definitely not the case with the ASA and CSA. Our sole goal is to give the student-athlete a voice in the process of change. Learning that process has been tremendous practice for other leadership opportunities in my life.

Athletics has always been a huge part of my life. I’ve been swimming competitively since I was seven. At the same time, it hadn’t really affected my personal and professional growth until I joined the NAIA. My return on athletics has been the skills and practice acquired through the opportunities the NAIA has offered me.

I hope to assist in improving the lives of my fellow student-athletes. If I accurately characterize the interests of those I represent in the Sun Conference, SCAD, and the NAIA, I will be more than happy with my accomplishments over the two years I serve on the ASA/CSA.

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