Experience NAIA 77th Annual Convention Highlights

The NAIA’s 77th Annual National Convention

We have concluded our 77th annual NAIA National Convention but here are the overall highlights.

Divisions in Basketball
The Council of Presidents (COP) voted to have one-division format for both men’s and women’s basketball in 2020-21. The scholarship limit for the single division will be eight, but no decisions were made on tournament format or location. The National Administrative Council will proceed with a final review and determination on the postseason format for men’s and women’s basketball beginning with the 2021 postseason.

Postseason expenses
The study group was asked to explore ways to grow the reimbursement pool and contain/reduce costs for participating teams. More than $10 million is spent annually on postseason travel and approximately $560K is reimbursed through host rights fees for opening rounds. The study group decided to address football first, as it is the most expensive and carries the most risk. (add a space here) Discussions focused on dues structure, host rights fees, deductible for traveling teams and reimbursement opportunities for host institutions.

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