Experience NAIA – Saturday NAIA Convention Recap

National Administrative Council, Association of Student Athletes & Faculty Athletics Representatives 

National Administrative Council
NAIA Member:
 Quin Monahan, Athletics Director, USC-Beaufort ADA President, NAC Member
As the overseer of NAIA sport policy and postseason competition, Monahan talks about key sport proposals that will have an impact on membership moving forward. In addition, Monahan discusses primary topics of discussion and analysis being reviewed by the NAC currently through the four sub-committees of the NAC as well as the full membership of the council this week.

Association of Student-Athletics
NAIA Member:  Hassan Doghman, ASA Chair, guides discussion and debate on 2 pieces of proposed legislation affecting the welfare of student-athletes.  The Football Practice Preseason limitation proposal is intended to decrease the number of exposures to heat illness and concussive events that student-athletes encounter in football.  The other legislation is designed to require a mandatory day off from athletically related activities in order for student-athletes to recover from their demanding schedules.  In addition, concepts related to the NAIA’s Student-Athlete Development initiatives will be introduced during ASA Business meetings.

Faculty Athletics Representatives
NAIA Member: Dr. Kevin Sweeney
, Faculty Athletic Representative at Wayland Baptist University
FARA Chair and CFAR. Sweeney discusses the first academic year using the fully digital eligibility certification process via ECP, which has been a major focus of the Faculty Athletics Representatives Association (FARA) and the eligibility chair. Sweeny also describes the work of the Initial Eligibility Task Force, which has spent the past year analyzing data related to the academic readiness of incoming freshmen, and the existing NAIA eligibility standards. Other highlights include expanding FAR mentoring opportunities and continued focus on the growing array of rules education materials.