Discover Your Return on Athletics Sunday NAIA Convention Recap

National Administrative Council, Association of Student Athletes & Faculty Athletics Representatives 

National Administrative CouncilSelection Committees
NAIA Member: Mike Daniels discusses the selection committees becoming more prevalent in recent years as a method for selection of postseason qualifiers in the NAIA. Sports currently using a selection committee model include Baseball and Men’s & Women’s Tennis, and Men’s and Women’s Soccer could soon be joining them as well.

Association of Student-AthletesSaturday play rule
NAIA Member: Tyler Lucas, ASA Chair, discusses championships and the student-athlete experience. The ASA has discussed the topic of Saturday play during championships and the impact it has on the student-athlete’s experience for those that attend institutions that don’t allow it.

Faculty Athletics RepresentativesECP items
NAIA Member(s): Ed Loeb and Tim Wilson discuss a major focus of the Faculty Athletics Representatives (FAR) the launch of the fully digital eligibility certification process via the ECP software. A test group of schools have piloted the software in 2016-17, and are excited about the increases in efficiencies and communication, and the time savings now available. Initial discussions are also beginning about evaluating the NAIA’s initial freshman eligibility requirements to determine if they continue to be an appropriate indicator of college success. Other highlights include a new array of professional development resources and FAR mentoring opportunities, continued focus on the expanding array of rules education materials, and specifically tailored materials for campus/conference use.

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